STADCO 3.6 Power Pack

Ultra Compact These power packs are complete drop-in, ready-to-run packages.




  • 4-Cylinder, 3.6 L Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 74 HP
  • Tier 4 Final
  • DOC only – No exhaust system regeneration required


  • Each compact power pack is fully assembled, and test run at Stauffer Diesel / Stadco. *Compact power units are engineered and EPA Tier 4 Final certified as a unit.
  • Minimal application installation approval is required.
  • Routine service points are all on one side.
  • Powered by a water-cooled, continuous-duty rated Deutz diesel.
  • DEUTZ D/TD 3.6 with “DOC only” exhaust after treatment equals maintenance-free operation under all applications and ambient conditions. DOC is an open type, flow-through design, that requires no downtime and no regeneration.
  • Murphy TEC-10® control panels are standard on all compact power units. TEC-10® is flexible and rugged, withstands harsh weather environments, and offers easy-to-read displays even in sunlight.


Stadco Power Unit Sales Brochure