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DEUTZ 914 Diesel Engines

DEUTZ TCD 914 diesel engines offer the following features and specifications.


  • 3-6 Cylinder Diesel Engines
  • 40-174hp
  • Tier 3 & 4i


  • Tier 3 Compliant – Mechanical governor and injection – No digital electronics.
  • Reliability – Dependable power no matter how harsh the environment. Direct air cooling, with no coolant to freeze or boil, reduces the likelihood of engine failure even in extreme temperatures.
  • Durability – Advanced manufacturing processes, years of research and development and high standards for quality control assure your engine will keep running tomorrow.
  • Fuel Economy – Advanced fuel system design and reduced power requirements for cooling make Deutz Air cooled diesels a leader in fuel economy.
  • Easy Maintenance – No coolant, radiator and water pumps to maintain. Individual cylinders and parts interchangeability within engine series reduce inventory and service costs.