Diesel Engine Accessories

At Stauffer Diesel, we can provide most of the parts and accessories necessary to complement your engine purchase. From our comprehensive parts stock, to PTO clutches and even complex control systems, we’re a comprehensive resource for all of your diesel power needs. Explore our lines of accessories below and contact us today with questions or to place an order. Our sales team has in-depth experience with diesel engines, parts and accessories and can help specify the correct parts and products for your specific application.

  • Control Systems
    Using traditional mechanical controls, the latest digital, computer-based control systems, and custom wiring harnesses, and other modifications, we can give you the precise control and fail-safe operation you require for most applications. Learn More
  • PTO Clutches
    At Stauffer Diesel, we’re proud to partner with NACD and WPT as a distributor of their industry-leading power take off, or PTO, clutches. NACD clutches are used for pumps, compressors, mixers, blowers, generators and other applications where a cut-off clutch is required. Learn More
  • Drive Components
    We work closely with our customers to develop custom solutions for most diesel engine applications. And Hayes Couplings and WPT Drives are important components that allows a great degree of flexibility in terms of mating an engine to a driven machine. Learn More
  • Stadco Enclosures
    When your diesel power pack or generator set requires effective sound control and/or secure protection from the elements, our fab shop is up to the job. We build both standard designs as well as custom-created enclosures to resolve your unique application. Learn More