NACD PTO Clutches

NACDAt Stauffer Diesel, we’re proud to partner with NACD as a distributor of their industry-leading power take off, or PTO, clutches.

NACD manufactures PTO assemblies in their Illinois factory, and provides clutches suitable for horizontal-shaft gas and diesel engines. Their clutches are used in the construction industry for pumps, compressors, mixers, blowers, generators and other applications where a cut-off clutch is required. NACD clutches have an industry-proven, over-the-center engagement mechanism and a gear tooth drive, and they have products available to accommodate larger housing sizes.

All NACD assemblies and clutches are assembled at their Illinois facility and undergo a series of inspections from assembly right down to the packaging operation. NACD is a well-known and highly-respected manufacturer and we are pleased to be part of NACD’s global network of distributors and dealers, and to provide support for NACD Clutches through our Parts Department.

Just a few of the many benefits of choosing a PTO clutch from NACD include:

  • Ideally suited to virtually all diesel and gas power units.
  • Available with our diesel engines or shipped loose.
  • Designed to fit SAE housing sizes #1 through #6.
  • Available through Stauffer Diesel in sizes ranging from 6.5″ through 14″ triple.

NACD Clutch Spec Sheets

Learn more at the NACD website.

AP Clutches

CLOSE OUT NOTICE – Except for several common wear parts, AP Clutches are no longer supported. Stauffer Diesel Inc. offers a special discounted price for AP clutch owners to purchase replacement NACD PTO Clutches. To access this provision, contact Stauffer Diesel Inc. and request the AP to NACD special replacement price for AP users. Contact us today for information about NACD replacement clutches.