Leading the Way Since 1948

We got our start over 55 years ago in Lancaster County, PA by refurbishing and reselling stationary diesel engines. A few more notable milestones from our history are listed below.


1948 – Amos B. Stauffer, Proprietor, began used diesel engine business, and introduced the first diesel-powered Amish dairy system. Amos is pictured on his tractor “Fido” above.

1950 – First new Fairbanks-Morse diesel engine sold.

1951 – First new White diesel engine sold.

1953 – Began manufacture of diesel driven Sta-Colt™ milk coolers and freezers.

1955 – First new DEUTZ (F1L-612) diesel engine sold.

1956 – Acquired DEUTZ diesel engine distributorship for PA.

1962 – DEUTZ diesel-powered generator sets designed and built, and automated diesel powered bulk milk cooler systems introduced.

1963 – Incorporated proprietorship into Stauffer Diesel Refrigeration, Inc.

1968 – Built Stauffer S520 diesel-powered vehicles for underground mining, and acquired dealership for DEUTZ tractors.

1969 – Moved facilities from Gordonville to New Holland, PA, and name changed to Stauffer Diesel, Inc.

1977-1988 – Several top honors in NTPA national tractor pulling championships, and employee-built competitive DEUTZ diesel tractors equipped with 3-stage turbochargers.

1981 – Built first Stadco™ series produced rail duty generators.

1983 – Built rail generators for Fruit Growers Express.

1985 – Moved from New Holland to new facilities in Ephrata, PA, and DEUTZ engine franchise expanded into Western PA.

1986 – Building for Pittsburgh Branch first leased.

1988 – Divested of DEUTZ tractor dealership.

1989 – Developed Railgen™ fully-enclosed generators for passenger rail cars.

1992 – Acquired Lister-Petter engine franchise for Western PA.

1995 – First Stadco™ mobile generators for emergency vehicles.

1996 – Divested Lister-Petter engine franchise.

2005 – First Stadco™ RPG type generators for road switcher locomotives.

2006 – Built dedicated Stadco™ generator manufacturing facility.

2007 – Sales of over 600 DEUTZ diesel engines.

2010 – Recognized as #1 (Top Performing) DEUTZ distributorship in North America.

2011 – Sales of over 500 DEUTZ diesel engines.

2012 – Sales of over 600 DEUTZ diesel engines.

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