Drive Components for Diesel Engines


Hayes has been designing and building drive components since 1966. Thanks to decades of experience in the engine power transmission field, they design and manufacture a wide array of coupling designs, including shaft-to-shaft couplings, splined adapters and flywheel couplings.

More recently their product line has grown to include new and improved flywheel coupling designs, engine housing kits, bearing-supported stub shaft assemblies, as well as specialized engineering services and custom machining.

At Stauffer Diesel, our sales engineers work closely with our customers to develop custom solutions for just about any diesel engine application. And Hayes Couplings are an important component that allows a great degree of flexibility in terms of matching an engine to a driven machine.

If you have questions about engine couplings or other drive components, or simply want to discuss your own diesel engine customization needs, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to develop a custom diesel engine solution for your unique application.