Replacement Diesel Engines

At Stauffer Diesel, we’re a complete diesel engine solution. That means that in addition to new engine sales, we are equipped to repair and replace aging engines for all types of industrial equipment.

Even if your equipment does not currently use a DEUTZ or Mitsubishi engine, we can help you identify the right size and model from one of our engine lines to replace most industrial diesel engines.

Certain EPA rules apply when replacing older engines, so be sure to contact our sales team for assistance. In most cases, the EPA allows a newly-built engine or a refurbished engine to be used as a replacement.

We currently offer four ways to replace your diesel engine. And thanks to decades of experience in diesel engine sales and service, our team can recommend the best approach based on a host of factors, including engine size, cost and projected downtime.

If you’ve got questions about EPA regulations regarding which engine might be the best replacement, please contact us today. In order to serve you best, please be prepared to let us know your existing engine serial number, model number, condition and equipment type.

4 Ways to Replace Your Diesel Engine

  • New Engine – we can provide a brand-new engine from DEUTZ or Mitsubishi to replace your aging engine.  Click Here to Explore New Engines
  • Factory Rebuilt Xchange – DEUTZ offers factory rebuilt engines at considerable savings versus new. These engines have been comprehensively rebuilt, tested, and are ready for implementation. Factory rebuilt engines come with a limited warranty as well. Click Here for a PDF on the DEUTZ Xchange Program
  • Stauffer Diesel Rebuilt Exchange – we use our years of expertise and our highly trained technical staff to rebuild engines ourselves. This can be a good way to upgrade your engine without much downtime, and at a substantial cost savings. Best of all, we offer a 12 month or 2,000 hour warranty on all of our rebuilt engines. Check with our sales team for information on what make and model of rebuilt engines we currently have in inventory. Click Here for a PDF on the Stauffer Diesel Exchange Program
  • Rebuild Services – Thanks to years of experience, our technicians can rebuild your existing engine. Many of our customers prefer this option as it can be tailored to their needs and budget while allowing them to receive their own engine back – refreshed and reinvigorated. This option also includes our 12 month or 2,000 hour warranty. Click Here for a PDF on the Stauffer Diesel Exchange Program

Serial Numbers

In order to provide you with the most accurate repair or service information, you will have to provide your existing engine serial number.

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If you’ve got questions about repairs and service for your DEUTZ or Mitsubishi industrial diesel engine, please contact us today. Our trained technicians are looking forward to hearing from you and helping to solve your problem!

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