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DEUTZ TCD 2015 Diesel Engine

The DEUTZ TCD 2015 diesel engines are water-cooled V6 and V8 engines with turbocharging, charge air cooling and four-valve technology.


  • 6 or 8 Cylinder Diesel Engines
  • 340-670hp
  • Tier 3


  • Very compact engine design reduces the installation costs.
  • Wet cylinder liners, long oil change intervals and easy changing of the engine fluids reduce the running and service costs and increase the availability of the machinery.
  • Best cold starting properties even under extreme conditions.
  • The V6 is also available as a flat version for extremely compact installations.
  • Low noise emissions due to acoustically-optimized components with very smooth running and high durability.
  • Electronic, solenoid valve-controlled DEUTZ MV-System (pump-line-noz-
    zle) ensures optimum engine performance at low consumption.
  • The robust engine design allows worldwide operation even with high sulphur fuels.