FPT N67 G-Drive

  • High performance with minimum operating costs.
  • Fast, simple installation.
  • Switchable between 50/60Hz; available for applications requiring compliance with emissions regulations or unregulated applications.

The FPT N67 offers high, reliable performance, with optimized fuel efficiency for power generation applications for both unregulated and Stage V / Tier 4F markets.

For unregulated applications, the N67 is available either with simple and reliable mechanical injection or with Common Rail injection, for maximum performance and fuel efficiency.

The N67 features high load acceptance and fast engine response thanks to the Wastegate turbocharger and ensures low operating costs thanks to its best-in-class service interval (600 h) and fuel consumption. In addition, the N67 G-Drive is the most compact in the market, allowing for a more efficient installation footprint.

Compliance with Stage V / Tier 4F legislation is made easy thanks to the pre-packaged and prevalidated ATS, which facilitates the installation process. While optimizing the G-Drive layout and compactness, the pre-assembled ATS is a lifetime solution, maximizing engine uptime without impacting maintenance costs. Finally, the engine combustion is EGR-free, offering outstanding performance and fuel efficiency.


  • 2 Models: 145 & 195 kWm
  • Stage V / Tier 4 Final


  • PERFORMANCE: High power output (best-in-class power density) and fast engine response.
  • TCO: High fuel efficiency (EGR-free), 600 h service interval, and maintenance-free ATS for minimum operating costs and engine downtime.
  • RELIABILITY: Reliable, simple, and proven technology for all customer requirements (mechanical or Common Rail injection, EGR-free, Wastegate turbocharger) and more than 25 years of experience in SCR solutions.
  • EASE AND FLEXIBILITY OF INSTALLATION: Pre-packaged and prevalidated solutions for easy and effective emissions compliance; efficient installation footprint and the ability to switch between 50/60Hz allow for market flexibility.