sdi-diesel-engines-tcd914DEUTZ 914 Diesel Engines

DEUTZ TCD 914 diesel engines offer the following features and specifications.


  • 3-6 Cylinder Diesel Engines
  • 40-174hp
  • Tier 3 & 4i


  • Tier 3 Compliant – Mechanical governor and injection – No digital electronics.
  • Reliability – Dependable power no matter how harsh the environment. Direct air cooling, with no coolant to freeze or boil, reduces the likelihood of engine failure even in extreme temperatures.
  • Durability – Advanced manufacturing processes, years of research and development and high standards for quality control assure your engine will keep running tomorrow.
  • Fuel Economy – Advanced fuel system design and reduced power requirements for cooling make Deutz Air cooled diesels a leader in fuel economy.
  • Easy Maintenance – No coolant, radiator and water pumps to maintain. Individual cylinders and parts interchangeability within engine series reduce inventory and service costs.



Click Here to Download the DEUTZ TCD 914 Spec Sheet in PDF Format