FPT Virtual Marine Experience

We had the incredible opportunity to attend the FPT hosted Virtual Marine Experience which was a global launch that included the huge unveiling of the new C90 170 Stage V engine. Dedicated to heavy-duty missions and featuring the keel cooling system, this engine is effective in sandy, muddy and shallow water and successfully prevents the obstruction of seawater filters and pumps. With the addition of this new product, FPT expands its global marine offering to include 8 models with power outputs ranging from 85hp to 1000hp. The C90 170 engine will be useful within passenger transport, cargo or floating equipment vessels, trawl fishing boats, floating equipment vessels, and pusher tugs. Not only is this engine incredibly versatile and effective, but it also has a result of 30% reduction of HC, NOx, and PM emission in comparison to the version which preceded it.

Another key portion of the Virtual Event included the presentation of the N40 250E, N67 450 N, and N67 570 Evo engines with their new keel cooling feature. This new function exemplifies the ways in which FPT listens to the customers’ requests as this cooling system will allow for customers to operate in brown and shallow waters without continuous issues linked to seawater circuits.

FPT prides itself in “doing something for tomorrow starting today” in conjunction with the idea of “you speak, we listen.” These mantras couldn’t be closer to the vision of the company. Always looking ahead, FPT is intentional about not only listening to customer concerns and requests, but fulfilling these desires in an efficient and sustainable way. The pursuit of these two simple goals is largely the cause of the company’s expanded product portfolio.


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