Announcing our New Stanton, PA Location!

We have big news for all of our Western PA customers: we are now moving locations from our current shop in Irwin, PA to a new location in New Stanton, PA. We’re very excited about this move and what it will do for our customers. There are a few key components that drove us to make this move, read on to see what they are.

It’s always difficult to decide when it is the right time to move on to a new location. Fortunately, our New Stanton, PA location has plenty of advantages over our Irwin, PA shop.

Accommodating Larger Equipment

At our Irwin shop, we had some limitations in what sorts of equipment we were able to service and work with. Thanks to a larger building with taller ceilings and plenty of parking area, our New Stanton location will allow us to work with machinery never thought possible at our old shop.

Better Highway Access

We know that transporting large pieces of machinery and large vehicles can be a very challenging logistical process. Luckily at our new location we have much more direct access to the highway and plenty of space to turn around when you get here. That’s less driving down back roads and overall fewer headaches.

Room to Grow

Our New Stanton facility is on a huge plot of land with plenty of room for expansion. This means that as our business continues to grow, we will have room to better serve more of our clients’ needs.


There you have it! We can’t wait to get started with our big move and continue delivering quality service in Western PA. Have any questions about our move or our products and services in general? Contact us today, we’d be happy to discuss how we could be of service to you.

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